About Us

We are based in Manchester and have been helping UK home sellers to successfully sell their properties for over 30 years. We are Manchester's leading property buyer, helping thousands of home sellers get the best price for their property whilst specialising in providing a quick and easy sale for their homes. We take huge pride in getting the best possible deal and we have a dedicated customer support team who are ready to assist you throughout the whole process and making sure there is no cost to you as the seller.

So, whatever your circumstances, we will make sure you get the best offer to purchase any property (often at least 10% more than other local companies), regardless of its condition or location. We remove all issues and delays which are usually involved in selling property on the open market, such as:

  1. Super Fast cash offer (within says)
  2. We will pay legal costs
  3. No Estate Agent fees
  4. You can release equity in your property
  5. Stop repossession
  6. Release from your mortgage
  7. No salesman or estate agent will call

If you have any questions, concerns or worries then we are here for you throughout the entire process. Simply give us a call and we will be here to help!

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Our mission

As the market leaders in our field, we believe in a better, easier and more profitable way to sell your house quickly. The service we provide allows for an fast and stress free solution to selling your home without all of the dilemma of selling on the open market. Our main goal is to get you MORE

As we are uniquely placed with our investors we aim to get you the very best price for your property in as short a time as we can so that with us you can rest assured that you have the best deal available to sell your house quickly! Unlike others we are not motivated by targets or limits but instead we are motivated to get you as much as possible from our large list of investors - "With Us You Simply Get More!"

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